the “who”

the who

My name is Michael. I’m not old enough to be a life coach. At least that’s what I’ve heard.

I’m 28 years old, married for a year and a half to my best friend, Hannah, who shared my last name,…

before we got married.

I don’t feel that anyone should set strict qualifications on someone who has a burning passion inside of them. That someone should be empowered, encouraged and even enabled to pursue anything they desire.

So, this is me,…

doing just that.

My story will unfold piece by piece through this blog. Dark and scary stories of where my mind has wandered. Jail time brought on by struggles for approval and self-worth. Memories forever branded into my psyche of times I’d kill to forget.

But, you must first be issued a disclaimer and invitation:

This is the start of what will prove to be a very powerful, paradigm-shifting, life-altering journey. My hearts’ desire is to see a community of people rise up, hand-in-hand to support and encourage one another as we find our place in this crazy, scary world.

this is a HARDKNOCKS life,

and I’m your HARDKNOCKS coach.



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